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Cool Old Truck

Randy Meisel's


3/4-Ton Longbed Fleetside

20 September  03  

From Randy

This is our "new" 61 Apache C20 longbed.  My wife and I and a friend retrieved it from a field where it has sat for the last eight years.  The truck belonged to a friend of ours who said we could have it if we could get it out of the field.  We needed a chain saw to cut trees down that were holding it in place.  The right rear wheel was locked up so it had to be winched an inch or two at a time onto the trailer.

Once at home we cleaned it up a bit, and it is in pretty good shape.  When it was parked the emergency brake had been set, so the left rear shoe had rusted to the drum which made it challenging to get off. 

This will be a project for the whole family to restore, and we are already underway with the brake system and arguing about the future color.  Hope to post more pictures throughout the project.

My name is Randy Meisel and I am registered on this site as Apache61.



Curator "Randy, thanks for checking in.  That is a great looking old truck - and you are right, the years in the field were good to it!"

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