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Ted McWhinney's

1967 Chevy Pickup

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01 November 2000

From Ted:

     I just bought this '67 a month ago. I added new tires, timing chain, water pump, some wiring repairs. Scrubbed the sap off and gave it a good wax job. Someone did a lot of body panel replacement work and replaced the motor with a '71 350. The tilt wheel is from a Pontiac of some type.

     It is used for home improvement projects, hauling trash to the dump and a little cruzing.

     I bought the truck from a car lot on the eastern panhandle of West VA for $2000. After peeling off the window tint, replacing the cherry bomb mufflers with turbos and replacing the blue dot taillight lens, it went right through inspection.

     I would love to see my truck on your page. Take your pick of the pics -- none of them are all that great (cheap dig camera).

Ted McWhinney
Boyce, VA.
(formerly from Waldorf, MD - until last September)

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