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1959 Chevrolet Apache


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24 January 2007
# 1789

From Brice :

           Here is my 1959 Chevrolet Apache "Cadishack." Thanks for the cool website! I appreciate the effort you put into something to share with the world, and all for fun! I am excited to see the "CADISHACK" on Stovebolt.

A little more history:

           I originally had a 1958 Apache 3/4-ton dually short flat bed that I got by trading an old glaspar boat. I didn't want the truck, but I didn't want the boat even more. I used the old Apache around a ranch I lived on. Someone gave me the 1965 Cadillac as parts. It was straight, but had no title. I cut the rear end off it to make one of those couches with the tail lights that turn on. The Apache was sitting there next to the rear clip, and I envisioned it welded on the back of that beat up truck. To my amazement, it fit right on!

           I always wanted one of those converted hippie buses like my friend's family in McKenzie Bridge, Oregon (an old 1946 Chevy). So I thought I'd build one on the Apache bed. That bed was in terrible condition, though!

           I stumbled across this 1959 38 series Apache in 2002 for $800 from a guy here (right down the road) in Bend, Oregon. He said it was an original Sisters, Oregon Forest Service rig. The truck was in cherry condition and a 1-ton! So, I swapped the Cadillac rear off the '58 and welded it on the '59. By this time, I was inspired to fit the rest of that beautiful Cadillac on!

           It has taken well over 1,000 hours and thousands of dollars to build. It has a brand new 350 hi-pro motor, and will cruise no problem at 65 mph. Cadillac lovers as well as Chevy truck folks really admire it.

           After I finished it in 2005, my friends, wife and I took it to Burning Man in the Nevada desert in 2005 and 2006. Burning Man is an art exhibition, and the CADISHACK is registered as an "Art Car" and is right at home there, offering free excursions across the lake bed. We add more stuff every year. Here's a picture of the "Cadishack Day Cruise" and under the night lights!

           This here Chevy is a real workhorse and a joy to motor!

           Check out The Cadishack website for more photos!

Brice McMorris

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