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A Cool Old Truck

Randy McManus'

1929 Chevy Stake Bed

 01 October 04

From Randy:

         I'm from Reno NV. I hope you all don't hate me for this but I have three classic Chevys!

         Here's my 1929 Chevy Stake Bed (still running) with the second or third title from 1946.

         I also have a 1937 Chevy pick-up (which still runs) and a 1951 3100 that isn't as well off as the others but it will be my street rod so it doesn't matter much. Lot's of fabrication ahead. I'm going to Wyo Tech in April, too so that should help. Now for the frosting on the cake: I'm only 21 years old.

         Although somewhat unrelated, besides all those goodies, I have a 1955 Cadilac coup de ville. And anyone who is looking for other classic cars or trucks, I have a few more for sale, 2 or 3 more cabs with frames, GMC panel truck, 2 Impalas, a Biscayne wagon, and a ton of parts. Just email me for more info.


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