Paul T. McGowen's

1954 Chevy 3600 Flatbed

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14 August 2006
# 1619

From Paul :

           Hi folks! Been working on my July 2007 eBay purchase of a 1954 Chevy 3600 Flat Bed (235 with 4 speed). Just threw in a low bid and won (my wife thought I had flipped), and had to drive 300 miles (one way) and pull it home on a car dolly. It hadn't been started since 2002, but after draining out all the varnish that was once gas, installing a new battery and filing the points, it runs great. (Man, was my wife surprised!!! I never had a doubt!!!)

           Next was brakes (none). I rebuilt the master cylinder, bled all wheels and now have nearly full petal.

           Currently, I'm working on the interior and doors. It's going to be a driver, so I will do all the work myself, learning as I go.

           I've been reading all the paint posts and will probably try this, too.

           Thanks to all you folks for helping us "New Guys" get started. It's been real fun and some set-backs, but what a great deal. Word to all new guys .... READ all the tips and posts on fixing these trucks and you will learn from other peoples mistakes. If I had only read up on the Door Posts, I would have saved myself much time, labor, and money.

Paul T. McGowen
Bolter # 11750
Powder Springs, Georgia

           Paul, you have hit the nail on the head. That's why we are all here and why we ALWAYS say "there are no dumb questions." ~~ Editor

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