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1960 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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08 May 2006
# 1515

From Brian :

           I've been pretty quiet about my truck, but I finally took a few pictures this weekend and I thought I'd submit them. I don't have a picture showing the whole truck. Here's a decent shot of the front driver ... and a not-so-decent shot of the passenger "door."

           I bought the truck a number of years ago from Billy "southernmutt33" Mason. He helped contribute some information for Woogeroo's 1960-66 Chevy Buyers Guide. I don't think he still frequents the forums, though. At the time, I'd been looking for a 1961. Despite the fact that the truck was in Utah and I'm in Chicago, Billy managed to talk me into it!

           Billy tells me that the truck originally came with a 6-cylinder and the hood emblem confirms it. The 283 that's in it, though, is the correct casting to have come from the factory and so it's going to stay!

           The truck has a long step and a small rear window. It originally was white. The factory options included a passenger side sun visor and arm rest, 4 speed floor mounted. It has a recirculating heater.

           Thanks to the great members here at The Stovebolt Page, I've managed to track down just about every piece that I'm going to need to make it a factory V8.

           As you can see, 2005 was the year of the back-end for the truck. I took the bed apart for storage, and then cleaned, primed, and re-painted the rear frame and swing arms. The rear axle was rebuilt, and everything went back together with new bushings. While I was doing the brakes, I replaced the brake lines with stainless steel.

           This year is the front end year. I'm pulling the engine and transmission, and while they're being worked on I'll clean the front frame, and restore the front suspension and brakes.

           I'd like to get back in touch with Billy to get the all the history and pictures of the truck that I can. Billy knew a bunch, but before you buy, you're more interested in the state of the sheet metal than the name of the first owners pet parakeet. If anyone has contact with him, let me know!

Brian McGee
Bolter # 4580
Chicago, Illinois

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