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A Cool Old Truck

Paul McGarr's

1951GMC 1/2-ton Model 9300

18 January 01

From Paul

     My name is Paul McGarr and I own a '51 pickup. I have had it since '94 and stripped it down but left the cab and motor in it. I painted each part separately and put it back together with red oak bed.

     It has a 235 with 4 speed tranny, it has new water pump, distributor, wires, cap, rebuilt head and carb, rebuilt starter, as well as a new 12 volt wiring harness. I put bias ply tires on it and did I ever find it hard to get used to. Make sure if any of you do the same that your front end is in proper alignment with good ball joints, kingpins, etc.

     I really enjoy this truck it is a real head turner. My dad had a '50 Chevy when I was a boy and I have wanted one ever since. My dad didn't get to see the truck finished as he passed away before it was done. But he did get to see it about 70% finished and he really liked it. I finished it in memory of him trying to keep as original as possible but also as safe for today's roads as possible.

     By for now and keep on restoring those old Chevy trucks.

Paul McGarr
Toronto, Ontario

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