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Jim McCormick's

1951 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton

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10 October 2000

From Jim:

     Was ecstatic to find a website that feeds a passion for the 1951 Chev 1/2-ton that my father and I acquired a year ago! My dad is in his late 60's, I am in my late 40's and now that both of us have mellowed, we can work together, learn together for the first time in a long time! His mechanical knowledge coupled with my willingness to put in the hours and scrounge parts have provided a lot of good laughs and "I didn't know that" moments.

     Found the unit in a barn south of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. While it was not running when we bought it, $20 and an afternoon later we had her purring like a kitten. A loose screw in the distributor and a dirty carburetor had stifled its running smoothly.

     That was the first of our many challenges on what was, and is, an excellent restoration candidate. Soon after, we scoured her from stem to stern to remove the straw, hay and cow-stuff that clung to the underside and infested the engine compartment. Elbow grease and some primer followed by some paint, jute insulation and floor mats cleaned up the interior and complimented the fairly new seat and excellent dash and steering wheel that she came with.

     This past spring, we replaced the battery, the rotting bed wood and spruced up the engine with new gaskets and paint. While we still have a number of nagging items to putter on during the upcoming winter, felt that we had something that we would share with the Stovebolt group as yet another "work in progress".

     For those of you that notice, yes, that is "1300" under the Chevrolet on the hood. The Canadian model was badged a 1300 with the U.S. model the 3100. Why the difference? Who the heck knows? She's a factory green, although not original, and was made between May 11 and 18, 1951 in Oakville, Ontario. Has original drivetrain of the 216 and a three on the tree that has carried her just over 103,800 miles. Currently, shifting does have some of those characteristic lock-ups, so may have to call on the expertise of the Forums to ride to the rescue there!

     Since the photo was taken in August, we acquired new hubcaps that make her look even better! It is getting to be fall here, meaning that those snowy, cold days of winter will not be far behind. Our green machine will be put into driving hibernation sometime later in October, so until spring will rely on the bunch at The Stovebolt Page to provide us the chance to vicariously live out driving it again.

     Hope to send more photos as we make progress!

Jim McCormick Jr.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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