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A Cool Old Truck

Brian McCloskey's

1939 GMC 1/2-Ton

13 September 04

From Brian:

          Hi Stovebolters!

          This is my 1939 GMC 1/2-ton resting after a long cross country trek from Idaho to the New Hamshire/Massachussets seacoast. As is so often the case I purchased this on an impulse and it cost me dearly (with my wife ... not my pocket book ... yet!).

          I saw her listed (the truck that is -- not his wife -- Editor ;) ) on ebay and fell in love. She's in need of a few tucks and some new makeup wouldn't hurt but I'm still smitten. After spending the first 20 years as a working truck in southern Idaho, she was retired in 1964 to a nearby barn and sat for the last 39 years. I'm the third owner after a brief stint with her rescuer. He used her as a daily driver- she runs great.

          I plan on returning her as best as possible to her "original" state. I love the fact that she hasn't been "modernized" and sometimes I just like sitting in her and thinking about all the stories she might tell. Anyway, the restoration gets underway in earnest this fall and I can't wait to get at it. Not being the most patient human I plan on enlisting the help of a couple of more "experienced" friends. I'll be sure to forward pictures of her as she makes her way back.

          I love this site and enjoy just admiring many of your pickups. I'm looking forward to sharing the process with you all.

Brian McCloskey

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