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Cool Old Truck

James McCawley's


Chevrolet Step Van Commercial Truck

15 March  03  

From James 


My name is James McCawley.  I live in Bossier City, Louisiana and here are 3 pictures of my recent find.... it's 1954 Chevrolet aluminum body "Stepvan" (not a panel truck).  Instead of the "panel truck" everyone is familiar with, this is a "stepvan".... A "Bread truck" type vehicle.

I was just about to take my Sunday afternoon nap, when my Dad walked in (he lives next door), with newspaper in hand, and he read the following classified ad to me: "1954 Chevy Stepvan, will run, FREE."

We went 17 miles out to the sticks to take a look, and while it does need work, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting!  17 feet from bumper to bumper.  It still has the original 17 inch rims and NEW Tires.  No rust to speak of, (All Aluminum body) I decided to snap it up before someone else did (another guy showed up while I was looking at it).  I plan to restore it as it would have appeared when new.  Perhaps a dark green with cream accents "Golden Crust" Bread paint scheme......  Something original anyway....  My favorite hobby is buses of any kind, new & old alike, Transit buses, Highway Coaches (Greyhound type), but I love most any vintage vehicle - especially vintage commercial trucks and I just couldn't pass up this little delivery truck!

I haven't seen many of these and I can't seem to find much info on it... Does anyone know a good source for info on these type of trucks?  I'm going to need a few parts and info.  The curved portion of the windshield may be a difficult to find! (if at all!) Did Chevrolet actually make the body?  Or did another manufacturer make the body and Chevrolet supplied the running gear?

James McCawley
1017 Princeton Ave.
Bossier City, Louisiana 71112

Curator "James, I think you got the deal of the decade with that old truck!  Thanks for the great write-up and keep us posted on your progress."

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