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A Cool Old Truck

Craig Maynards's

1950 Chevrolet 3100 5-Window

12 July  03  

From Craig      

          When my front oak tree fell and flattened my '53 deluxe, I knew I had to quickly go out and find another rig.  I knew of this '50 a couple miles away that sat in this old man's driveway.  Went and pleaded my case of needing another 50's era truck to him and we (actually his wife and I) made a deal.  I was warned that the engine was a little week but I already had a plan.  Drove it home, raised it up on jacks along next to my smashed '53 and swapped out the entire drivetrain (engine, tranny, torquetube, etc.).  Also swapped out the gauge cluster and wheels.  So now I still have a part of my '53 always with me when I drive my '50.  

          Everything works and it runs fantastic.  Though I could go all out and do a total restore, I'm afraid that I would not use it like it was intended.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than to drive down the road with a load of topsoil or whatever with everyone gawkin and giving me a thumbs up.  I do hope to give it a new paint job.

Craig Maynard
Menlo Park, CA.


          Craig - Good story and great pictures - thanks for your submission! ~~ Curator

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