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1951 Chevy 3100 1/2-Ton

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19 June 2006
# 1573

From Todd:

           My wife Belinda and I bought this via eBay. It had been in the original owner's (Dunn Chevrolet of Roanoke, Alabama) possession until November 2005.

           The truck was built in August of 1951. I have found that it has the vent windows and flip down handles of a '51, but it has the painted dash and plastic windshield wiper switch of a '52. The window handles are chrome as in a '51 and it has the low-hanging license plate frame of a '51.

           The motor, from what I have discovered, is from a '53 Powerglide passenger car. It seems to have a head off of a '54-'56 motor.

           I have had the most comments regarding the lettering on the doors. Most would have me keep it. The comments have ranged from "You have to repaint that" to "You should take the doors off and hang them on the wall as is."

           For the time being, I hope to get it running and fix the brakes and electrical systems. After driving it a year, I hope to restify it. By that I mean keeping the outside stock. I will probably repaint it and repaint most of the lettering, but I might change the color. I think I will keep the 235, but would like to install a 5-speed transmission and a newer rearend. I would also like to upgrade the brakes to discs.

           My project for this year has been to build my shop. It is likely the first time this truck has spent much time inside. It shares space with my '57 BelAir which also needs restoration and our two Mazda Miatas.

           Thanks for looking. I hope to continue participating on the Stovebolt Forum.

Todd Maxwell
"Todd M"
Bolter # 11205
South central Pennsylvania near Hanover
Home of UTZ potato chips and Snyders of Hanover pretzels

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