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01 February 2014
# 3051

Owned by
Michael Matuszak
Bolter # 34359
Vancouver, British Columbia

1941 Chevy Pickup AK Project



More pictures and diary of my old truck restoration

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From Michael :

Hello from Canada!

Where it all began? Yes! I still remember that day back in August of 2012 when I completely changed my thirst for a car project.

Before I get too far, I must mention that ... I feel bad for what I did that sunny Sunday morning as I had actually closed the deal on a 1950's International truck (a day earlier … ).

I was driving to get my certified cheque so I could go and pick up the International. On my way to the bank, I drove by several old garages and tons of mechanic shops in the industrial area. In passing, I drove by this 1941 Chevy AK pickup truck. I completely fell in love with the beautiful waterfall-like grille and large, strong curves on the truck. This was it!  I was going to get it!

The old truck belonged to one of the mechanics who brought the vehicle down from up north. He wanted to do a restoration on the truck himself. He already had several projects outside to be worked on. Most of them were late 1950s and early 1960s vintages.

This pickup really caught my eye. It was two tone black and rusty red. It was the only 1940s truck on the lot. It took me a few days to actually work out a good deal with the fellow and BUY the truck.

  Keep track of what Michael is doing via his Facebook page and forum discussion. He really has some wonderful, detailed pictures of all that he's doing with this restoration. ~ Editor

Two days later, I had the truck towed to my storage shop!  With few minor adjustments, I passed emissions test without any problems at all and my project had begun!

It definitely was a project vehicle when I first picked it up. It was completely gutted. I had to sit on a Coca-cola crate to drive it.

I am working on the truck and doing it all myself - interior, exterior and engine work. Since I really can't work in the really cold months, I won't be able to do a lot more until these freezing temps calm down a bit. Sometimes I have had to wait weeks at a time before I can get back in to work on her. But the weather has calmed down a bit and I hope to get back to my project soon.

I am 70% done and I should have it road-ready maybe by June. Some details about the '41:

  • Engine and transmission:  GM Marine application 262 V6 + 350Turbo TH
  • Under the hood: MSD spark plug kit; March brackets; new restored GM alternator;  aluminum pulleys + kit; aluminum radiator and hoses; K&N large velocity stack air cleaner; Edelbrock aluminum valve covers with Edelbrock breather and K&N PVC; Rochester 4 barrel carburetor
  • Interior: Autometer gauge kit (mech and electric); moon eyes gauges; interior restored with parts I have purchased on eBay, flea markets, car swaps, Craigslist.  Custom fitted bench with storage.
  • Tires and wheels:  F 15x6, R 15x7 Cragar wheels wrapped with wide white wall Bridgestone Silvertowns
  • Suspension and exhaust:  Mustang 2 front conversion; two Jeggs cherry bombs; two wide side exhaust tips
  • Misc:  new fuel tank; new front and rear windshields; Fulton visor; search light; front vintage yellow halogen

My first drive with the truck was kinda rough. It definitely was a "shake down cruise." Things weren't as good as I thought they would be. I had a problem with the transmission. The engine was not adjusted right. I needed a new carburetor.

After all the first round of "tune ups," I brought it back to good condition and now it drives really well.

The truck's name is original, too. When I took the dash out, "Maggie" was written there on the sheet metal. So, I thought I wouldn't change it.

I continue to post pictures of my progress and restoration journal in my Facebook page and the discussion in the forum.

She isn’t a show winner or #1 street cruiser but for me she is all that and more! Nothing beats working late nights or those rainy weekends on just about anything in that vehicle.

This project is dedicated to my Pop who passed away in 2009. Without his passion and help, no project I had going at that time would have been possible.

I am glad to be a part of the Stovebolt community.  I had a chance to dig thru the forums and get some amazing info from the members.  I truly appreciate everyone that helped me with questions and given me advice on the resto!  I have never worked on such old trucks so this has been a huge help!

Thank you for creating such a great place for US! I love this place!!

Michael Matuszak


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