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1940 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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Valentine's Day
14 February 2007
# 1824


From Don :

           I have been a member of this site for a few months. So, I thought I should get around to sending a picture of my 1940 1/2-ton Chevy for your consideration. Iíve had this truck for about one year. I am in the process of restoring in mechanically -- a 1960 235, T5 trans, new brakes, etc.

           I found this truck at a local classic car dealership in Portland, Oregon. I probably paid too much, but this truck has excellent sheet metal and was not missing any of its original parts. It has a fairly old repaint -- as long as you donít get to close.

           There was no rust anywhere on the truck but mechanically, the truck was pretty much shot. The 216 ran good but after I peeled away 66 years of crud, I found a nine inch crack right above the starter. The brakes had been jury rigged and only had two cylinders working etc.

           Over the last year, I have put in a newer rear diff, a S-10 five speed, 235 6, new brakes and rebuilt all the mechanicals.

           Right now I am fighting with getting the new 235 to run right. After that though, the truck will be ready to get back on the road where it deserves to be.

           I have found the Stovebolt web site to be an excellent resource for ideas and technical advice as well as a place to check out some great old trucks. AAMOF, I got the idea for buying the truck and most of my ideas for restoring it from this excellent web site! It is great to be a member!


Don Matthews
Bolter # 12592
Vancouver, Washington

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