Dave Matheny's

1965 GMC Pickup Truck

"Sea Drifter"

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28 March 2007
# 1899

From Dave :

           Here are some pictures of my 1965 GMC truck. It has a 350 4 speed, with power steering. I have owned it for 13 years. It is an on-going restoration project. In the process of re-doing it again, it got hit in a parking lot at work.

           I have completed the interior and now am in the process of a redo. Unfortunately, the truck was recently hit in a parking lot). I intend to shave the tailgate latches, bed flooring and generally refresh of the ole pickup. I really like the way the interior turned out and colors.

           We are from the Western area of Oregon (I-5 corridor) but originally are from the midwest (Iowa). We guess the truck use to be use to haul to the oilfields in Wyoming.

           Named her "sea drifter" as the color is sea foam green. It's been a daily driver up to lately. Now I intend to give it its honor of retirement to the life of cruising.

          This is a great site. I like to roam thru and see the "larger" trucks.      

Dave Matheny
Roseburg, Oregon

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