Chris Matheny's

1965 GMC Stepside

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27 October 2005

From Chris:

        I bought this truck from a guy in my neighborhood for a bargain price of $2500.

        The engine is a 1969 Chevy 6-cylinder but I was told the rest is original. This has been a daily driver for me and I get a few compliments when I am out and about. My wife says itís a guy thing!

        I am not sure about other states, but North Carolina passed a law this past January that allows the owner to run year of manufacture plate on vehicles over 35 years old. Also - no more inspections.

        Of course, another great thing about the old trucks, when making the Home Depot or Lowe's run, 4 x 8 sheets of plywood lay flat in the bed!

Chris Matheny

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