Shayne Masse's

1964 Chevy C-20

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07 May 2007
# 1928

From Shayne :

           Here's my girl! She's a 1964 Chevy C-20. She was rough when I found her. We had to cut down trees that had grown over the road she was on -- for about 200 yards -- in order to get to her.

           Right now, the truck is sitting waiting a new TKO 5 speed transmission. But also what's keeping her from being out and about is I can't find anybody that can install her windshield correctly. I had to make a trip the day before Christmas and also to meet up with my family. After five hours of watching these two guys attempt to install her windshield, I kicked them out of my shop. I had to make the trip and pick up a customer's car. My family was waiting for me 450 miles away so I used some roll seal and stuck the windshield in, duck taped it and rolled. She made the trip with a trailer down and back. I was all loaded and my electronic brake control failed five miles from home, heading out. We went anyway. She pulled through with flying colors.

           We have a family owned and operated small business -- Masse Performance Customs and Restorations. I have been doing restorations for the past 16 years. We restore and build custom Chevy trucks, as well as sell quality rust-free parts. We always try to help a customer find what they are looking for. Even if we don't have the part, we will give them places to look for or call that may have what they need. We all own a '60-'72 Chevy truck. Besides this C-20 (which I'm building for my tow rig), I have a 1961 Apache K-10 -- that one is one of my toys. i just built my wife's truck, a 1970 K-10 Short Fleetside. It's lifted and it's coming out sweet.

           We will offer all Stovebolt members a 15% discount -- for Stovebolt members only. We are more than fair in our prices and are always lower than our competitors. Basically, we love these trucks and we want to see more on the road -- stock or mods -- as long as we see more, we are happy! We don't expect to make a fortune -- just a living. We see all owners of these '60-66 trucks as family. Check out our site and hopefully we are the type of company and owners you like here! We are building an on-line parts store for our site.

           Thanks for your time and consideration.

Shayne Masse
Bolter # 14439
Nevada City, California

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