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Cool Old Truck

Reinaldo Miller Martin's

1942 and 1946

1-1/2 Ton Chevrolets

21 September  03  

From Patricia 

Dear Sirs,

My name is Patricia Pereira and my father is a big fan of vintage trucks, tractors and motorcycles. His name is Reinaldo Miller Martins. He lives in São Paulo, Brazil and has a farm 100 miles far from the city, where he works with his hobbies! 

Last month, I went there to visit my family and he showed me his latest restorations: a Chevrolet truck 1942, 1 ½ ton and a 1946 1 ½ ton with two velocity rear axle.

He started by restoring the 1942 (light blue truck), which is know as GIANT in Brazil, and he is currently restoring the 1946 (dark blue), know as SPECIAL there. 

I am sending pictures of both trucks and I am looking forward to see them in your website.

Best Regards,

Patricia Pereira
Bloomfield Hills, MI 


Curator "Patricia, thanks for the pictures and story of your Dad's Trucks.  It is good to see evidence of Stovebolt affliction in other countries!"

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