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Leonardtown, Maryland


1965 Chevrolet C-10 & 1968 Chevrolet C-10 Longbox


Owned by

James Mansell
Bolter # 16195
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

05 November 2007
# 2107
& 2127

From James :

           This is my 1965 Chevrolet Luv C-10 pickup. (It's called a "luv" on the registration .. duno what it stands for though.) It has zero rust and still has the original six "bolt" engine. It has had the three on the tree replaced with a four on the floor. It has the original wood bed in the box which is in remarkably good shape for almost 43 years old (no rot, just discolored).

           I bought the truck from a good friend who found it on Craigslist. He bought it from the second owner. The truck was brought up from New Mexico to where I live in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

           The engine is a 300 six and runs like a top.The only thing I did to the engine so far is rebuild the fuel pump (it was leaking a little fuel).

           This truck is my daily driver, that means it's my only vehicle I have insured for the road. I drive it to and from work and everywhere else I need to go every day. It runs and drives like a dream -- maybe even better than when it was new. The ol' girl is a real head turner. Everywhere I go I get thumbs up or yelled "awesome!" I never know how long it will take me to go up to the store for milk or bread as I get asked every time I go all kinds of questions about it and remarks like "nice job." I even get quite a few that want pictures of it -- with them in it ... hehehe.

           Front driver's side view ... driver's side rear ... bed ... engine compartment

           My next task on her is to find the chrome for the roof upright behind the door on the cab and install them. Then all I have left is some interior restoration (aka refresh it a bit).

           I have always liked 1960 trucks and I have another one, a 1968 Chevrolet C-10 long box. I bought it off the original owner about 26 years ago. I had been driving it until I had the opportunity to buy the '65. I was going to put my '68 on your site but I did not own a digital camera until recently (my bad). Now I have given my '68 to my 14 year old daughter to have. She plans on taking mechanics in school and it's a perfect project for her and her classmates to work on (only really needs some body work).

           Remember fellow Bolters -- Save 'em from the crushers!!!!!!

           In closing, I think your site is fantastic and I really feel welcomed by you all and the welcome wagon. Keep up the good work. I used an idea from your site to get rid of the chains for the tailgate with the seatbelt latches and it worked like a charm!

           Thank you for the kudos. Many on the Stovebolt site volunteer time to keep this well-oiled machine purring along. We are all over the planet and are brought together by the World Wide Web.

           Regarding your question about the "luv" name ~ in the U.S., they had Toyota and Datsun looking trucks re-badged and sold as entry level, smaller pick ups that were sold from 1972 up 'til 1980. Check this site for more info! ~~ Mike "Burgandybolt" Allen, Welcome (Panel) Wagon

           You certainly sound like a proud 'Bolter, James! And we'll still want to get an entry for the '68!! ~~ Editor