Matt Madia's

1962 Chevy Fleetside Longbed

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08 May 2006 Update

From Matt:

          It's been a couple of years and here is an update on the truck. Last year, I added a set of Fenton headers and dual exhaust and cleaned up much of the engine compartment. My 10 and 13 year old daughters helped and did the painting. Included in that project was adding a nifty water heat set-up to my stock intake. As suggested by another Stovebolt member, I utilized the by-pass feature of a thermostat housing and water pump of a 261.

          Just recently, I finished rebuilding my transmission and adding a Gear Vendors overdrive and am currently waiting on my wheels from Stockton.

          This year and next, I will be building a 261 to replace the 235. I plan to have it moderately warmed up with a 2x1 Edelbrock intake, .030 -.040 overbore, warmed up cam and of course, my Fentons w/ dual exhaust and the O.D.

          All of this has been done in my own garage and I couldn't have done any of it without input from the members here and help from my neighbor who happens to be an ace mechanic.

          So... thanks to all of you! I've included some new pics of latest projects.

Matt Madia
Bolter # 4732
Seattle, Washington

23 June 2004

From Matt:

          This beauty is a 1962 Fleetside Longbed with a 235, 4-speed w/posi. It was originally owned by a neighbor of our's in Wyoming named Bert Pringle. Mr. Pringle bought the truck new in Morgan, Utah. He would use it in the summer to pick up produce in the Salt Lake Valley and bring it back to his friends and neighbors in Evanston. He probably took it fishing a few times as well.

          In 1972, the truck had 37k miles. Today it has 58k miles. It is all original with the exception of a 10 year old, middle of the road paint job, a couple a gaskets, and a few rubber parts.

          I drive it a couple of times a week as long as it's not raining and it runs as well today as it did when it was new. As is, the truck will go 75 mph but is very loud at that speed. The sweet spot on the freeway is around 60.

          My future plans include sending the split rims to Stockton wheels to have them rebuilt to accept 16" radial tires and still use the original caps , add a set of Fenton headers from Patrick's, and installing an overdrive. The paint is pretty good, not perfect, and will get redone properly in a few years. The bed wood is original and also in pretty good condition and I will redo that as well, but not for a while.

          I used to walk by this truck on my way to grade school. It was my favorite truck because of the color (crystal turquoise). I never thought at that time that someday I would own this truck or that it would still look this nice. I feel very lucky and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Matt Madia
Seattle, Washington

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