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Lou MacMillan's

1937 1.5-Ton Chevy Ambulance

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01 November 2000 Update

     The National Guard ordered several Special Units vehicles. One such was a Job #271 Ambulance, similar to a job #871 1.5-ton panel. Upon a chance encounter with the second owner, mine was originally used as a film truck in South America which explains the 500 lb roof rack and skid plates when I got it and the pre-war maps of Peru and Ecuador I found in the door panel.

It has some interesting Silver Book options like the 9.00 x 20 Budd wheels and running board flair. Also the optional 12-volt electrical system. Unlike most old trux, this moves down the road at top freeway speeds pulling the cat trailer. In the first pix, I'm towing a '40 Chev/Wayne bus. It broke two tow bars on this trip.

     In this photo, Dave Anderson in his GMC, is helping me load an axle at 7 AM before an antique car tour.

     It's a quite useful vehicle. More than a "driver."



     Lou put together a great Tech Tip on the history of the 1937 Ambulance. A good read ... a good job ... and more pictures (plus another web site)! ~~ Editor

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