Leon Mack's

1948 Chevrolet Thirftmaster (3100) 1/2-Ton

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21 August 2006
# 1634

From Leon :

         I have been a fan of old Chevy trucks since high school. When I finally came into a position to own a restored pickup, I jumped on the opportunity. Now I am the happy owner of this 1948 1/2-ton. Obviously, a previous owner swapped the doors because vent windows were not available in 1948.

         The history on this truck is a little sketchy. The restorer bought it from a guy who had inherited it from his Father. I have no serial number and the VIN is from the motor so I have no way of obtaining details about where and when it was manufactured.

         I use this truck for towing an 18 foot center-console fishing boat about 15 miles round trip from home to the boat ramp. Sometimes I drive it around on the weekend and once in a while I park it at work where a gang usually gathers at break time.

Leon Mack
Bolter # 11482
San Diego, California

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