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1952 GMC 1/2-Ton Pickup

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16 February 2007
# 1830

From Mac :

           Hi all! My wife and i just found this 1952 GMC locally and it is a real dependable cruiser. It has a nice 350 V8 and automatic transmission. We have been giving some consideration to restoring this but someone in its past has shaved the door handles, stripped most of the chrome, and swapped the GMC tailgate for a Chevrolet one.

           Since we bought it, I have been laid up with knee surgery but I am anxious to see what kind of shape the bed is in so that I can see what I need to do. One project I did work on -- I tried to replace the lock on the Glove box as it was jammed shut. Got the old lock out and found some interesting paperwork in there! When I compared the lock I removed to the new one, the only difference is that the hook part is slightly taller than the old one. That is, the distance from the barrel to the bottom of the latch hook is greater than the old one. My biggest problem is that there is nothing for the hook to hook on. What am I missing? Can I make a bar that the latch will catch and release on?

           My wife loves the looks she gets while driving it around. Any and all ideas are being sought. This is also my first post-retirement project.

           Thanks for looking.

Mac and Pat Macdonell
"G. Mac Macdonell"
Bolter # 13274
Lake Oswego, Oregon

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