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1963 Chevrolet K-20 Stepside

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21 May 2007
# 1952

From Levi :

          Here is my 1963 Chevrolet K-20 Stepside, 127Ē wheelbase. It has all original running gear, a 292 inline 6 with a 4 speed manual and 4 wheel drive. So far Iíve rewired the ignition system and the lights front and rear and changed all of its fluids. It actually runs pretty good.

          Mechanically, the truck is pretty sound but it needs a great deal of body work and new sheet metal. Here's a good shot of the backside. And a picture of the interior.

          I found my K-20 in East Wenatchee in Washington State for $1500. It started right up and I was able to drive it on to the trailer. So in my book it's doing good so far.

          The wheels are a set of takeoffs from a 1990ís model Chevy 3/4-ton. Since I bought them, Iíve seen several sets for sale on Craigís list, as well as a set at the auto swap meet last weekend in Monroe, Washington.

          I plan on leaving it as close to stock as possible but I do plan to upgrade the brakes/axles to discs and I plan to add power steering. My initial plan is to make it a safe driver and use it around the house for a couple of years in the basic condition itís in today. I hope to eventually do a full restoration on it, as time and funds come available.

          Iím glad to have found your site and look forward to learning as much as I can about my truck and the hobby as a whole. I’ll send you some more to add as move along with my project. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or have information to share about the K Series trucks.

Thanks for the great site.



James Levi Lynn
Bolter # 14797
Marysville, Washington

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