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A Cool Old Truck

Dave Luxbacher's

1966 Chevy C30 Dump Truck

03 August 04

From Dave:

     Here are before and after pictures of my 1966 Chevy C30 dump truck. This is the truck I learned how to drive a standard on and I am the third owner.

     The truck has 65,000 original miles. It originally was purchased by a roofer. Then by a cemetery in 1970. And then by me about two years ago. It has a straight six 292 and the truck is mostly original.

     Before I had it, it was last inspected in 1978. I am enjoying this truck and it is still a work in progress.

     I am going to try to keep truck as original as possible but think I am going to attempt to pull a 32 foot travel trailer in August if I can get it set up with a hitch. The biggest problem I had with the truck was a non-vented oil cap on the engine which caused the engine to push oil out solved on your site

Thanks for the great site,
Dave Luxbacher
Pittsburgh Pa

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