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1964 Chevy Longbed

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12 March 2007
# 1874

From Sean :

           Hey, nice web site. Here are some pictures (not too good) of my 1964 Chevy Longbed. I just bought it for $1200. It came with an Olds 455 motor, 400 turbo auto trans, 6 lug wheels! It runs pretty darn good for the money.

           I bought the truck from a former owner of Maaco Auto Painting. He took the truck in from a customer who had every intention of getting some work done on the truck (i.e. paint and body). The guy dropped it off and never returned. So, the good friend that I am, I took it off Maaco's hands for a song.

           It needs plenty of work but it is very straight with minimal rust. (I live in Oregon, so the rain .... rust, you know the deal!)

           It came with Chevy rally rims, a 12 bolt rear end, new radiator and disk brakes up front. Among other things, it has an Olds 455 big block with an Edelbrock package sitting on top. (I guess 454's are getting slim-pickings.)

           My intentions are to replicate another truck similar in stance and style (pictured here). My girlfriend is really into trucks as well, so she is willing and able to get her hands dirty. I hope that i can find most of the info and know-how from this web site. So far from my readings, the folks here seem very committed and desire nothing less than the best for they're 'Bolt. I will update as I progress in my restoration in the coming months.

           Hope to hear from ya'll soon. Happy Bolting!!!

Sean Lutzi
"sean loot c"
Bolter # 14049
Portland, Oregon

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