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1950 Chevy 6400

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09 December 2005
# 1312

From Daniel:

             My best friend's Father, who I've pretty much adopted as my own over the years, bought a 1953 6400 from the local city roads department. It had been used to haul tar to pave the roads around here. After he got it, he used it for a service truck to service his heavy equipment. Over the years I've worked for him a few times. One of my jobs was to drive this old truck and grease the equipment. Let me tell you, this truck had no side windows and when it was 25 degrees outside, it was COLD in this truck. But for some reason I fell in love with it. You could pull a stump with this thing. Pop told Dennis and I that in 1955 he drove a new '53 6400 from Minnesota to Alaska -- what a ride!

             I always told Pop if he was going to sell it, I'd buy it. Recently, Pop decided to retire and sell all the equipment. He gave Dennis (his son) the '53 which is as it should be.

             During the process of selling the equipment, a man came to buy the backhoe and he told Dennis he had an old truck he wanted to sell. So Dennis and I went and looked at it.

             It was a 1950 6400 -- close enough. So, it now has a new home -- MINE! How cool is that? These pictures are how we found it. Maybe I can get the two of them together for a picture.

             Over the years, Dennis and I have swapped, bought, traded, fixed, and / or destroyed many different vehicles together and have had a ball doing it. Now we each have one of these trucks to restore. My wife think I've lost it but she hasn't give me a hard time -- yet. It will be interesting to see the differences in these two restos.

             This is a great website -- keep it up. We will probably be asking a lot of questions.


Daniel Luke
"stump puller"
Bolter # 9491
Moultrie, Georgia

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