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A Cool Old Truck

Brian Luebke's

1967 Chevy C-10 and 1947 GMC

04 January 2002

From Brian:

     I own a 1967 C-10 that has been converted to 4 x 4. I am working on restoring it.

     I also own a 1947 GMC (1946 body style) I purchase this truck back in 1986. I had to sell it in 1988. I recently heard it was for sale again by the new owner. I just had to get it back. So I purchased it again in 2001. I am so glad to have it back. I have already started collecting parts for it and plan to begin the restoration process in Spring.

     I would like to become a member of Stovebolt. Your website is awesome and I enjoy surfing it!!! Keep up the great work.

Brian Luebke
Trempealeau, WI


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