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A Cool Old Truck

Monte Lucas'

1966 C-60 Chevrolet Grain Truck

01 November 04

From Matt:

          This is my Dad's 1966 C-60 Chevrolet grain truck. Just bought it this summer and gave it a paint job. It hauled grain all fall after seeing very little use the past few years. Needed some brake work and a tune up and that's about it.

          It has a 366 engine and a 5-speed transmission with 2-speed axle. The rear axle is not a driver. It carries weight only. It has 66,000 miles. Has an 18 foot bed with roll tarp.

          I went to the elevator once this fall with 539 bushels of corn on it. It is a pleasure to drive. It runs 60 mph empty with no effort. This is probably a little different than most gallery trucks but I thought folks would like to see it.

          The truck belongs to my father Monte Lucas in Kirklin IN. My Stovebolt handle is 1945RC60. That stands for 1945 Oliver Row Crop 60 tractor (which I just recently sold).

Matt Lucas
Frankfort IN

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