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A Cool Old Truck

Michael Lubitz's

1946 3/4-Ton Chevy


17 June 2004

From Michael:

     Here is a picture of my '46 which I have named "Buddy." I bought him on the spur of the moment. I already had a '48 project, but this 3/4-ton caught my fancy.

     It's entirely stock and has been preserved/restored well. I have fixed little things like the fuel filter, the water pump, the windshield wipers, the stop lights, rear bumper - all minor, but necessary.

     I am hoping that the belly band paint and overall paint rub out will be done this year. I am hoping that the new 216 will be installed this year, too. My goal is to have it registered and road ready before the beginning of 2005. My life is just filled with hope!

     Someday I want to know from other truck owners how it is that a truck that can barely go 45 miles per hour can take me so far away so quickly.

     Oh yeah, that red tool box in the photo was made by my daughter. She is the one with real talent.

     I enjoy your site.

Austin, Texas

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