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1942 Chevy 1/2-Ton Pickup


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01 August 2006
# 1605

From Clint:

           I placed an bid on a '42 1/2-ton pickup last week on eBay. I bid very low fully expecting that I would be outbid, but what happens -- I won! Wife and I went 90 miles from house on Friday and picked it up. So, now I have two!

           This one was built in Kansas City in September '42 and was sold in Texas in 1947 by the War Asset Administration to a Northeast Texas farmer. I have the title from '47! It is a '42 on the title and the title was issued in 1947 when the truck was sold by the War Asset Administration to the previous owner. I've named this truck "Spunky" -- a fitting tribute to an old Veteran that refuses to die!

           By the looks of her, she has remained in olive drab for the most part. It even has the original engine.

           My intentions were to strip her of parts and sell or junk the rest, but now I've about decided to get her running again as a driver. A fellow Stovebolter nearby is giving me a running 216, so --- I think I'll just put it back together, slap on olive drab paint, put a white star on the doors and have at it. I do need some rear fenders, a front bed panel, tailgate and rear cross sill. If anyone has anything they don't want and would like to get rid of, let me know!

           Wow -- two Texas '42 Chevy pickups. Who'd a thunk it?

Wish me luck.

Clint Lovell
Bolter # 4644
Shreveport, Louisiana

           In March 2007, Clint added a 1956 Chevy 3100 Stepside to the Gallery and reported that he had sold Spunky to a fellow Stovebolter in Dallas, Texas. ~~ Editor

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