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1947 Chevy 2-Ton COE

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07 March 2007
# 1867

From Tom :

           Howdy! Here is my truck for your Gallery. It's a 1947 Chevy COE with a 292 cubic inch straight 6, 4 speed, and a 4 speed Brown and Lipe behind that, and a 2 speed rearend. I thought this project would intimidate me at first. It's the biggest truck I have ever had. It really is growing on me and I really like it.

           I got my truck about four years ago. I like old motorcycles and I wanted a model T. My friends said you would have to get a car trailer for the T. Well, I am hard-pressed for room and I don't have any room for a car trailer. So I thought I would try to get a truck that could do both -- haul a Model T or my old motorcycles.

           That's how I ended up getting the 1947 Chevy. It has a 109 inch wheel base and had a fifth wheel. My brother and I built the bed just for my purposes. Here is my Dad, brother and me when we were building the bed. It was the first welding I had ever done. It took us a week of work and I have made some more braces since these photos were taken, but that's basically the shape of it.

           It works great and I have hauled both the T and old bikes to meets and runs with good luck. Here's another view with the Model T loaded. This photo shows how I load the bikes. The Yamahas are my Dad's. He is a real Yamaha man. When we are riding the bikes, the cab over is the rescue vehicle.

           I actually wanted a Ford 1938 or 1939 COE, but could not find one. This truck here was the first COE I found. I could not get that one. Glad I didn't now. But thought you might get a kick out of the picture.

           This is the first Chevy truck I have ever owned. I have put 3,000 miles on it so far and it's been pretty darn dependable I am glad to say. It's just a bit slow. I can run at 52 mph at 2,800 rpm on the freeway on flat ground.

           So far, I have always made it home on my own -- no tows yet. Although I am having some tranny issues with my Brown and Lipe right now. My engine had some probs when I first got it, shortly after that anyway. My exhaust manifold was cracked in a couple places and the engine had a really beat up home-made adaptor going to the engine from the updraft carb. This adaptor was leaking, causing problems.

           I bought a set of headers from Langdon's. I tried to buy a new intake manifold for it, too. I could not find any and all I heard was 292s didn't have updrafts. I kept telling them mine does. Finally, I decided to make my own or at least try to anyway. I asked Langdon and several others and also an antique carb restoration place questions and went at it. When my buddy stopped by to see what I was doing, he said "Don't take this wrong, I am real impressed with your work - but it well never work!!" He laughed and laughed. But I kept working at it. Well, my carb was right at foot level on top the floor boards. Just not good and I was hard pressed to find a good place to put it. I ended up moving it almost 3 feet down the side of the engine, just above and behind the front axle. Per Langdon's advice, I welded a pipe almost the full length to run radiator fluid. This heats it up and aids in the vaporization process. (It worked without it but the truck would not run good at all and blew black smoke.) After welding in the pipe for the radiator fluid, it started and ran like a top. It's been 2,000 plus mile with it this way and it runs quite well. It stays cool and no popping or spitting or back-firing of any kind. I was about to give up. I had a heck of a time welding it together where I had no leaks, but finally got it. Here a picture of me with the carb adaptor I made. You should see the looks I get when I show people -- they always crack up.

           I am very pleased the way it has worked and I am proud of it and my bed.

           That was a special time with my brother. I hope to get the truck looking better, too. It's just a matter of time.

           My friends all think I am nuts and can't understand why I don't get a Toyota. My buddy saw me locking it up one night and said "What are you doing? You would have to pay a thief to take that thing."

           The main drawbacks thus far -- it takes hours to go hundreds of miles - and I mean hours! Also for such a big truck, I can't believe how small the cab is inside!

           Thanks. I enjoy this site.

Tom Lovejoy
Bolter # 13780
Gardena, Southern California

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