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A Cool Old Truck

Shane Long's

1955 2nd Series 3600 Chevy

04 June 2004

From Shane:

     When I lived with my real Mom, I used to help my step-Dad work on his '55 GMC, and '55 Chevy truck. After a while I decided to ask my Grandpa if I could have "the '55 Chevy," and he said yes.

     As far as I know, its 100% original, except for the regualr maintanance stuff like plugs, wires, tires, etc. Over the past year or so, I have been driving it around our property and getting a feel for the old beast. Unfortunatly, the motor is so weak now that I can't even get up a hill in granny gear when before it did it no problem.

     It's sitting by my Uncle and Aunt's house right now. One of these days, I plan to get my own place (as I am only 16 right now, 4/8/04) and I can store it in a shop, and tear it down to the frame, and start over and build it like they did in the factories.

     Right now I am working on my '73 1/2-ton Chevy (Custom Deluxe 10). Just rebuilt the motor in it. It's not the original motor though. It's a 305 SBC out of a '77 Nova. All I need to get for it so far, is tranny fluid and oil. Then I can break in the motor and get her ready when I get my permit, and license. I plan on making it a 4x4 one of these days and converting it to a 3/4-ton.


     If anyone has parts, you can always send them to me at: 16429 S. Redland Rd. Oregon City, OR. 97045 USA

Oregon City, OR

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