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1951 Chevy 1/2-Ton Pickup Truck

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09 March 2007
# 1869

From Malcolm :

           Here is a picture of our 1951 Chevrolet pickup. It was purchase in October, 2006. I found it in the local Auto Trader publication.

           The truck is pretty much original. The only exception being the deleted rear bumper and an added roll pan. The drive train is original with the 235, 3 speed on the tree, torque tube and 3000 rpm at 45 miles per hour. The previous owner did a restoration in 1998. Most was to the exterior.

           Since I purchased it, I have added new tires and wheels. I moved the gas tank under the bed. The tank in the cab was gummed up and leaking. Since then, it has $100'ed me to death. New u-joints, which decided to go out about 100 yards from my house. That was convenient.

           I have had to replace the fuel pump and distributor. New plugs, coil and wires.

           Future plans are to update with an all new drivetrain. So if it ain't a Stovebolt, then it has to be a 327. I have a freshly rebuilt 1967 327/330 hp on the dyno in my garage waiting to go in this truck. I have a Mustang II front end, 1978 Camaro posi and 700R4 to complete the drive train. The only thing holding me back now is the completion of my wife's 1952 Chevy 2-door sedan. It should be on the road in about three months.

           We love to drive them and at 70 miles per hour on the interstate. I have included pictures of the 1951 truck and 1952 car before paint.

Malcolm Long
Bolter # 13189
Lexington, South Carolina

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