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AD Chevy Trucks

Chevy trucks

Over 6,000 pictures
Brad Allen has an awesome collection of Chevrolet factory pictures that he has set up from film strips.

This one is on AD Chevy trucks (1947-1955).

Lots of work on Brad's part ... pure enjoyment for you.

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The Sixties Trucks


October 2013 Update ~ Farewell

Well, and went and did it. With mixed emotions I sold my '61. The new owner seems very happy to be taking on the ownership and all that it brings when you accept such a thing. We'll see better looking pics of the ole gal on these pages in the future. It'll still be a NorCal truck so maybe I'll see her running around. That'll be cool. I'll put the proceeds of the sale into the continuing work that I'm doing on my 1942 Chevrolet 1 1/2 ton (Military - G 506) Panel truck, which is really about all I can handle right now, what with all of the other stuff that I have going on. Thanks. Tony Littman

11 February 2013 Update

Owned by
Tony Littman'
"Tony D El"
Bolter # 35335
Northern California

1961 Chevy 1-Ton Panel

More pix of this old truck on Photobucket

From Tony:

The best news - I didn't have to sell the truck after all. Since it's almost been 10 years, I thought I'd give a bit of an update.

I haven't done much with the old panel truck really. I just make sure to drive her around from time to time. I'm still working, so while I don't use the truck very much for onsite work (floor covering), she gets the job of "container ship," holding tools and materials temporarily to help with my business.

She still looks gorgeous, although no thanks to me. More of a testament to good steel and a pretty dry climate. The pictures I took for the Gallery submittal were definitely set up to show her in her best light.

So while there have been no shows and no restoration to speak of, I can't bear to part with her. One of these days I hope to have the time and resources to take care of the damage that time brings.

I've been looking around from time to time on the site, looking for info or this and that.

Once I get a Photobucket account set up, I'll be able to show the picture of my Big Bolt, a 1942 Chevy 1 1/2 ton Panel (G-506 Military) and the story that goes with it. This is also a truck with needs, but has a lot going for her.

Thanks for your interest,


In March 2013, Tony added a 1942 Chevrolet 1 1/2 ton (Military - G 506) Panel truck ("Bigtruck") to the Gallery. Now this is a BIG step from the '61! ~ Editor

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18 November 2004

From Tony :

Hi everybody! Here are some pix of my Bluetruck. It's a 1961 Chevy 1-ton panel. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

I purchased this truck in 1976 from a shop in the Hayward, CA. area where I was working at the time. I'm in the floor covering business. This type of truck was quite popular in the floor covering trade before the advent of the '69 Ford Econoline and then the '70 (or '71) Chevy and Dodge vans which all could be obtained in the 3/4 or 1-ton versions. One outfit I worked for had four of these big panels all of which had the passenger seat removed (or never had one installed) so one could easily load the rolled carpet or linoleum and still close the back doors.

In regard to this particular truck, I was able to buy it when the boss realized that the right thing for him to do was go new and go with one of the modern vans. Well, I loved panel trucks in general and this style was right up my alley, being in the trade, so I didn't hesitate to buy it. Being an old truck then, it was pretty worn out already. One of the first things I did was take it to a front end shop and had all of the front end work done. Boy, did it feel good after that.

A couple of years later, I was driving in to Placerville and blew a timing chain. I got that fixed quick, but did bend a couple of pushrods (apparently) and felt that the motor was tired. So I went ahead and put in one of those 350 Targetmasters (remember those, anyone?).

Now, fast forward to today and wouldn't you know it, I still have the truck. I joke that it will probably live longer than me. I've always kept it going but that's about it. It's very tired but still fires up when I need it to -- like when my day-to-day truck (1998 3/4-ton GMC extended cab longbed w/utility shell) needs to have some work done. In fact, after I send this along I'll be taking the Bluetruck down to the Avery dump, offloading some demo'd flooring I pulled out during this past week.

 Well, here's the rest of the story. I need to send the old girl along. It saddens me to say that, but at this time in my life, I need to eliminate some of my collection because I just can't seem to get to all of the things I need (or want) to do. Plus, saving on insurance and registration money will be helpful. And, I want to concentrate on fixing up my '42 Chevy (Military G-506) 1.5-ton panel (had that for years, too). So if anyone wants to talk to me about it, whether just for info or are interested in having it, give me a call. The pictures I've sent along were taken just last week (Halloween 04).

          By the way, I love this website. Looking at all of your trucks is really cool. Some great restorations, and just some great old trucks. I love 'em.

Take care all,




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