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A Cool Old Truck

Rick Lewis'

1951 Chevy 3604

18 June 2004

From Rick:

          This is my 1951 Chevrolet model 3604. I found her on E-Bay back in March of 2002. She was retired on a farm in Kansas. The top bid was $825 and I put in a bid for $840 just for kicks as the auction had a couple of days left to go. Well, as you can see I won the bid and was obligated to buy the truck.

          I live in central Florida and it cost me more to have the truck shipped home than to buy it but to this day I have no regrets. Aside from needing all new windows, brakes, tires, rims, bed wood, wiring, weather seals, body work and paint, she was in great shape.

         With the exception of mounting the tires on the rims, I did all of the work myself right in the driveway. I found access to parts very easy except for the original Huck brakes, that took some hunting.

                   I tried to leave the truck stock however it had a 1957 235 Stovebolt when I got it and it runs great. I choose the light color paint on the cab to try to help keep it cool here in sunny Florida. I am about to install a complete A/C system that I have on order so it's more comfortable to drive and use during the summer.

          I needed a truck when I bought this and I use this as a truck. I think it looks great but I wouldn't hesitate to put pallet of sod in the back. So this 1951 Chevy is officially out of retirement!

Rick Lewis
Merritt Island, FL


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