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Cool Old Truck

Ernie Leopold's

1942 Chevrolet G506
Military 4x4

01 January 03

 From Ernie

Hello all

This is a 1942 Chevy G506 military 4x4. My winter project ready to go into the shop. Planned updates and upgrades include: Later model 292, SM465 4 spd. 9:00x20 wheels & military tires (already installed), hydraulic assist power brakes, new dump body and other minor custom touches. This truck went from military service to a fire department which removed the original dump body and installed a water tank and pump. The truck then went went to a quarry for dust control on their roads. When I acquired the truck the tank and pump had been removed. While the truck won't be restored to original I do intend retain it's military character.

Ernie Leopold

Imperial, PA


Curator "Looks like alot of fun Ernie!"

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