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1958 GMC "Shorty"

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by George Lee
Bolter # 4393
Vancouver, British Columbia

01 May 2010 Update

From George :

Hello To everyone at Stovebolt .

A few more changes to the old gal.

The rear leafs gave out on me one day (snapped in half as I left the house). So made a visit to Canada Spring in Burnaby BC. They put together a couple nice 4 leaf packs for me.

I repainted the truck a new color -- primer hehe, and I like the new color. The front view is posted here. And here's a link to the side view.

The wife and I have recently sold our place in the city and moving to the country. We'll head out in a couple days, a six hour trip, passing through the Fraser Canyon and up to the Southern Chilcotin arriving on the Fraser Plateau. We are renting a 5-ton Uhaul truck and towing my '58 with the wife driving the rest of the family in the minvan. It's going to be quite an adventure for sure.

With this move, it will probably be a while until I get to the point I can work on it again.

Take care. Regards to everyone,

George [an error occurred while processing this directive]

13 April 2007 Update

From George :

           Hello! it's been awhile since I've updated or even worked on the old truck, my 1958 GMC shortbed “Shorty.” Since the first submission, I've gotten hitched and bought a house (truck has come in very handy for renovation / garbage runs, etc.)  

           My recent additions include a 12-volt 2-speed wiper upgrade from Golden State Pickups, new tie rod ends (to replace the old ball and socket type), new glove box and key lock, interior window handles and an outside visor to upgrade the looks.  

           I have to visit the spring shop in the near future to replace a few broken springs and add the front disk brake conversion kit. 

           And there you have it.  Unfortunately, I haven't made the trucking scene very much with buying a house and all.  The truck remains my trusty material hauler. (It never ends. ) I hope to attend at least one of the BC Bolters' meets this year. 

           Take care and best wishes to Stovebolt and the trucking community!

George Lee
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 07 May 2001

From George:

           Hello to all the staff at Stovebolt, and to all truck enthusiasts out there. Time flies when your having fun, eh? I remember signing your guest book a few years back when I came upon your site. It certainly has come a good long way. Congrats to all ...

           Well, I've finally got some pics of my truck which has been four years in the making -- a 1958 GMC shorty.

           A quick run down -- I bought the truck for $450 (Canadian). Did a frame off. Engine is a '78 Olds 350 with a turbo 400. It's mostly stock. It has power brakes and original suspension (which I do plan to upgrade when time and money allow). I still have more panel banging to do. I just got my chroming back (which you'll see in the pics).

           Man I love old trucks. I will send you some more pics as it progresses. Keep up the great work at Stovebolt !!!

George Lee


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