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1946 Chevrolet 2-Ton Flatbed

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Charles and Nicole Leclair
Red Deer, Alberta


09 September 2009 Update

From Jarge :

I thought you folks might be interested to see how my old truck has turned out in it's new home in Red Deer, Alberta. I was really pleased the new owner sent that attached article along for me.

This story is taken from


Charles and Nicole Leclair run a family restaurant and they needed a promotional vehicle for their business.

Not a run of the mill minivan with a logo on the door. They wanted a late 40s-early 50s automotive something that would really stand out and this big old post war farm truck really fit the bill. This truck started out life on Oct. 10 1946 like most 2 ton trucks-working on a farm. It spent time in the rural world until the mid-70s when it was sent to summer camp.

Definitely not the fun in the sun, swim every day summer camp life.

Instead the old Chevy workhorse spent the summers doing mundane things like hauling garbage and firewood at the camp until the next owner purchased it. That owner reluctantly and tearfully sold it to Charles and Nicole a few months ago.

The truck passed a rigorous safety inspection with only a few minor issues and since mid-summer 2009 it has become the restaurant’s “Chuck the ABC Truck” working mascot.Nicole reports that Charles is like a little kid with a toy with his newfound giant friend and you can find Mom, Dad and their young daughter at most local car shows-along with a few die cast replicas of the truck.

But Chuck the ABC Truck isn’t in full time retirement mode-things don’t work out that way for most trucks. This old Chevy is still a working vehicle that hauls something food service industry related nearly every day so Charles gets to justify his new toy on a regular basis.

Charles plans on keeping the old truck stock and he’s still on the forced learning curve that every vintage vehicle provides. That’s how he found out that the gas gauge is slightly less than accurate and the truck “glides really nice” without fuel. It also tends to bleed gas vapors when parked inside but overall Charles is really happy with Chuck.

The Leclair family is really having fun with their new company asset and the future includes billboard like signs covering the stake sides of the truck. As for shows, there are many planned in the future…but only after Chuck the ABC truck is unloaded.

27 July 2009 Update

More truck pictures on Jarge's web site !

From Jarge :

I wanted to tell you I've sold my truck!! A bit hard to do but it's time to let it go. I don't have the ability to look after it like I should.

I had it advertised for a couple of years -- probably not in the most conspicuous places I guess. I tried eBay but wasn't comfortable about payments, etc. The most interest I got on there came from Denmark.

This year I advertised in a local Internet page. I received a call from a guy in Red Deer, Alberta and he was very anxious to have the truck.

He sent a mechanic to have a look and then sent me a cheque. The truck is being transported around August 1.

These trucks don't have a lot of appeal but to a very limited audience. I think I was fortunate to find a buyer. At any rate, I'll really miss my old friend. At least I have The Stovebolt Page to keep the interest up.

George Mills
Bolter # 2525
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Jarge, with or without your Big Bolt, you will ALWAYS be a Stovebolter with us! As John says, "It's a state of mind." Sooooo ... now you can spend more time helping out all of us who have a million questions! ~ Editor

04 February 2003

From George :

      Hi all at Stovebolt!

      This is just an update to the pictures of my 1946 Chevy 2-ton. 

      Here are some new ones after the paint job which, incidentally, was only on the cab [ side view ]. As I mentioned, this is the only bit of restoration that I have done to this truck.

      Well, the grille is new, too, I'll have to admit [ front view ] .

     Thanks so much for running The Stovebolt Page. There is such a wealth of information there and I have been able to benefit from the advice. 

Best regards,

George Mills

      Beautiful truck, George.  Watch out for those icy roads! ~~ Curator

01 September 2002

From George

      Thanks for the opportunity to show off my recent acquisition [ front view ]. This truck is a 1946 2-ton Chevrolet manufactured at Oshawa Ontario. It has a 235 engine that matches the body number. It also has a single speed axle and 4-speed transmission. The odometer shows 72,942 miles which I believe are original.

      The previous owner had babied this vehicle over the years and it shows a lot of TLC. The paint on the cab is faded [ side view ] and has some rust spots but they are only surface ones. I am having it painted next month, back to the original green it came as. I'll have the grill and other chrome refinished as well.

      The engine seems to be in good condition and shows some sign of having been worked on in fairly recent times as the valve cover is sealed with 'blue silicone.' It runs smooth and quiet but really lets out a roar at 40 mph! The history on the vehicle that I have so far is that it was used at a tourist camp near Kenora, Ontario, on Lake of the Woods. It was a general handyman vehicle for the camp so it didn't go too far afield [ interior view ] .

      I really enjoy looking at the other submissions and every thing else about "Stovebolt."

      Thanks a lot.

George Mills


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