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1954 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton 3104 Deluxe Cab

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05 May 2005 Update

        Kip's '54 and his daughters have been our cover for a long, long time. Not sure what prompted it (perhaps some of the interesting discussions about fathers, daughters, soccer and what-not in the forums), but Kip sent in an update for that photo below.


        Wow ... wow! The truck still looks great. His daughters, Patricia and Paola, look beautiful. As Kip always says, he is a fortunate man -- we agree!


~~ Editor

From Kip:

        I've had this truck since about 1995. I have done some of the work myself except the motor rebuild, upholstery and paint and if I would of had the room and time I should of done that too. It has the chrome and oil filter option. It still has the 6-volt system, but I use an 8-volt battery and has a 3 in the tree shifter.

        Most of the parts that I couldn't find in junk yards came from Jim Carters and a lot of help has come from Patrick's, Tom Langdon and of course THE STOVEBOLT PAGE Bulletin Board.

        I am happy with the blue motor, the 1951 car hub caps and the new radial tires I just put on it. The motor should of been gray and the skinny tube type tires just gave too rough of a ride.

        This truck will be given to one of my daughters some day. My other daughter will get a Dodge. I also hope to get a ' 67. I really think that slant nose and small window are nice.

        Whenever I'm out working on my truck, one song always comes to mind


"I love my truck
it's parked right outside
I ain't got much luck
but I damn sure got a ride"

and I don't even like country music.


        There are only a few things that I LOVE more than my trucks and those two are right at the top (pix). Their names are Patricia and Paola and I LOVE them with all my heart. Girls are the best huh?


    (Agree 100% -- Editor)


Adios From El Paso,

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