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A Cool Old Truck

Dan Laubscher's

1941 Chevy 1/2-Ton

02 May 2002

From Dan:

     Hi, I recently bought this beauty and enjoy showing her off. My wife loves it, however, she already has nick named it T.O.W. (the other woman).

     I want to keep her all original as she is and plan on painting her, restoring the chrome and bed as soon as I can.

     This truck really drives nice (however, the gas has got to be 10 years old or more) and I love driving her to the store. It was D.M.V. tagged 30-40 years ago and the engine number is N23068. I have not been able to determine what year the motor is or if it is even a 216, even though it looks just like a 216. The number doesn't match any numbers I have seen.

Dan Laubscher
Thousand Oaks, CA

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