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Cool Old Truck

Steve Lappin's


3/4-Ton GMC Pickup

23 May  03  

From Steve      

This '53 GMC 3/4 ton was trashed when I bought it in 1976 and really trashed when I sold it in 1982.  I added a flat bed, detroit locker, dog, and about 1/2 ton of rocks so I could run the 4 wheel drive trails.  I drove it over Imogene, Pearl, Black Bear and a bunch of other Colorado passes. 

This pic is at the base of Bridal Veil Falls above Telluride.  I still have dreams about this truck.  I guess I need to get a life. Naw!!  Just another jimmy.

Steve Lappin

aka Sidehill

Curator "Steve - have you gotten another jimmy yet?  Looks like fun!"

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