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1953 Chevy 3100

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Mac Landau
Bolter # 22750

Talking about this truck
in the DITY Gallery

01 March 2010
# 2765

More truck pictures of my old truck

From Macx :

My Dad and I are restoring a 1953 Chevy 1/2-ton, 3 window cab Advance Design truck. We have a VERY interesting background to it. It's not just a "we bought a truck, it was fun." Noooo! We spent almost a whole summer looking for one (see the ones that got away!).

The first one we went to see was a 1948 bigbolt . It was too big of a Bolt. (Can there BE such a thing??? ~ Editor!!!)

The next one we looked at was a 1949 International (Yuk!). It was a sorry excuse for a truck. It had weeds growing in the grille. Inside the bed, it looked like the owner had put sugar in it, because ants were crawling through every crack it had. Finally, Dad offered $500 for it. But then the guy said "Shoot! I said $5,000!" Apparently, he wanted to keep it.

When we got in OUR truck, all I said was, "Dagnabbit! Why DID we rent that trailer?" Dad and Grandpa just laughed.

Our third truck wasn't too much different. It was rough, but we considered it. We drove back home a little later.

The next day, when my Dad was at work, he was about to get the guy with the truck on the phone and his phone rang. It was a guy we had tried to talk to earlier, but he never got back with us. Now, HIS truck was in GREAT shape. (The Craigslist ad said: rebuilt engine / /transmission / ready to paint. Needs glass, wiring harness, grille, and bumper -- $800).

Dad offered $600, and they agreed on $700. We ended up getting it for $650 because the seller couldn't find a few of the minor parts (air cleaner, hood name plates, and his bill of sale). Later, Dad bought a tow bar and tow lights.

On October 24, 2009, we rounded up Grandpa and we went to get the old truck. It really was good. As we were getting the tow bar on, the owner and his friend that was helping was like "Nope it won't work." So HE attached it HIS way.

My Dad didn't like the way the tow bar was bolted on, but the senior guys on the scene said it would hold. When we started driving, we took the first right hand turn out of the parking lot into the street, and one of the mount points came off. I said, "Dad, let's rent a trailer, ok?" He said let's give it one more try.

One HOUR later, we started driving again. Then, about an hour after that the sun started to dip, and we found out we needed air. Dad had an electric air pump, but we had no outlet. Right when it was dark, we started getting low on gas. We all went "Oh no!" Finally, a gas station came up on our side of the road. I was just plain relieved.

Once we were gassed and aired up, we were on the road again. The only trouble we had were angry people honking because we were going so slow. Once we got home, we had dinner, and sat down in front of it, and just sat looking at it.

Now, my Dad and I work on it over the weekends. I get the truck when I'm 15 or 16 -- if I learn how to take care of it, fix it, and earn enough money to pay for it. Dad hasn't decided yet how much I need to pay. He says it will mean more to me if I earn it.

If you have any parts, near Frisco,Texas, let us know.

I'm Mac Landau -- I'm 9 years old -- and ready!



Ahhh ... nothing like a Stovebolter-in-the making. You bet a bunch of us old coots will get a kick out of watching your progress on your truck. Good luck with the truck! ~ Editor


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