Rodger and Ruth Anne Lance's

1953 Chevy Pickum Up truck

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05 September 2006
# 1646

From Rodger :

           This pickup was purchased new in '53 by my wife's grandparents to be used on a dairy farm in Clark County, Washington. We got it in '85 and used it for a couple of years while we were building our home since it had a flat bed on the back. It stopped running over a winter and ended up being stored again until we started a full frame off restoration in 2001.

           We did our best to keep the truck looking as original as possible. It has a 1961 Chevy 235 truck engine with electronic ignition, an Offy duel intake with a pair of Holley / Webber two stage two barrel carbs, a small performance cam, and Fenton headers feeding 30 inch Glasspak mufflers (fins facing forward with 2 1/4-inch tail pipes). I figured some of the Stovebolters would understand or be interested in this.  This really keeps the noise under control but still gives a real rich sound to the straight 6. It has a Mustang II front end tied into the original steering.

           The transmission is a late '80 to early '90 Chevy S-10 5-speed. It has a 3/80 rear-end making the 5th gear a great overdrive. This puppy can cruise down the road at 60 turning just under two grand.

           The paint is a 2004 Bemmer blue with a cream accent behind the grill, around the cab and across the tail gate. The steel rims are also painted the same cream. The restoration took three years. It was just finished this spring. It has been a lot of fun getting it out on the road and going to some of the local cruise-ins.

Rodger Lance
Bolter # 11925
Vancouver, Washington

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