Bill Lambe's

1952 GMC 9300 Custom Cab

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27 September 2005

From Bill: 

        Attached is a picture of my 1952 GMC pickup, model 9300 (custom cab) which I recently restored. I purchased it five years ago and hauled it home. I stripped it to the last bolt to bring it up to original condition. I did all the work myself including the paint job which I did in the garage. 

        The previous owner ran a service station in a small Alberta town near the Montana border and only drove the truck locally for a total of 67,000 miles.

        I have had it to a few "show and shines" this year and have had a lot of nice comments. So far, the truck runs great but it would be nice to have an overdrive.

        I always wanted one of these trucks as when I was growing up. It seemed like every farmer in the country had one. Also, new parts are very easy to come by with a very short wait.

        I enjoy your website very much and it was very helpful when I was doing the truck.

        Thank you and keep on trucking!

Bill Lambe
Alberta, Canada

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