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Cool Old Truck

Bernard Laiben's

1951 Chevy 1/2-ton

15 March 01

From Bernard:

     I thoroughly enjoy your website, and check it daily! I have learned SO much from this site and all that contribute! Please accept this for your "Gallery".
     My truck is a 1951 Chevrolet 1/2-ton. My great-grandpa bought it new in 1951, and died a year later. It was driven very little throughout the next 20 or so years, mainly by my great-uncle. (My great-grandma, who we bought the truck from in 1983 for $800.00, attempted to drive only one time in her life. After great-grandpa died, she was determined to learn to drive ..... on her first and only attempt, she started to back the '51 out of the garage, and for some reason the passenger side door was still open. She caught that on the door frame of the garage and kinked the door backwards. She pulled it back into the shed, never to try again!)
     We received the truck with 62,000 original miles on it in 1983, and a year later I had it painted and drove it to high school for three years (in fact, this is the vehicle I learned to drive in!) There was only one rust hole in it (right in front of the passenger door, real low on the body) and a slight dent in the passenger side vent from my great-grandma's driving experience!
     The truck was made in St. Louis; sold in Sedgewickville, Missouri at a car lot owned by Hobart Loberg; was in Perryville, Missouri for about 32 years; came to Festus, Missouri in 1983; and just made the trip to Leadwood, Missouri on a trailer to be housed in my new garage. The truck has spent it's entire 50 year life within a 75 mile radius of St. Louis.
     The truck now has 73,000 miles on the original 216 motor, and is registered with historic plates. Everything is original except the paint job and tires, and the fuel pump. The wood bed is in great shape, and the original seatcover has only one small tear. Unfortunately, the original title was lost, but, me and my dad are the second owners of this truck.
     My plans at this point are to have it repainted again, and match the original green paint that was on it. I am also going to have the original fuel pump rebuilt and put it back on.

Bernard Laiben
Leadwood, Missouri

     Bernard's '51 was the feature story for the March 2001 issue of The Stovebolt Page

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