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1956 Chevy Cameo

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Leonardtown, Maryland


  Owned by Dale Krick
Bolter # 17670
Boise, Idaho
17 April 2008
# 2299

From Dale :

           My name is Dale Krick. I'm a Senior (both my name and chronologically speaking). Boise, Idaho is home - (where there are surprisingly few Stovebolts to actually look at). Here's the story of my ride, a 1956 Cameo.

           I waited a long time to buy any old car again. I was once a strictly convertible fancier, having owned a 1949 Pontiac, 1954 Olds, 1960 Dodge, 1966 Mustang, and finally a 1973 Cadillac Eldo -- all ragtops. But I have always had a pickup, too. My most recent is a 1994 Silverado which I bought new and still own.

           Still, I wanted something older. Something simpler. I have haunted Hemmings and eBay for years -- almost like a stalker -- looking for just the right car. Then my interest turned to trucks.

           I almost bought a 1936, then a 1946, then a 1949. Don't you just love the look of a 1930's pickup truck?

           Finally, I settled on a Cameo. I had my finger on the eBay trigger so many times right to the end. But I always chickened out at the last minute of the auction. Who knows if they were good deals or not?

           Finally, this 1956 came in sight. I watched it for seven days - till the end of the auction. It wasn't perfect, but it looked original. It had a 235, three on the tree. It was clean, but not perfect. It had some bad glass and needing interior and chrome work. Overall it appeared solid and not too much rust. Most important -- it was original.

           I won!

           Now, my wife regards cars, or trucks for that matter, as mere appliances. You put gas in, and if everything works and there's room in it, you can go somewhere. I asked her what she thought of this one and she replied, after a fragmentary glance at the computer screen (just like she always has), "It's white."

           When I told her I just bought it, and it sank in that I really meant it this time, not foolin' like usual -- she became much more interested. She never looked at it again but asked, "How much was it? How do you know it's any good? Where is it? How are you going to get it here? When will you get it? What are you going to do with it?"

           All that practical stuff -- that stuff that drives me nuts. She really didn't care one way or the other about this little beauty. She was just being (as always) my always practical mate.

           Well, with the shock and elation of actually having done it gradually subsiding, I moved to the more pragmatic -- the "taking care of business" parts -- the parts I hate. The work on the bed [ Image ] was done most likely by the owner before the fellow I got it from. He had started some restoration and we believe the bed was part of his efforts before he died. He did a nice job.

           I made shipping arrangements (from Southern California). Then I tried to get to know the seller a little better. He had no history on the truck. He owns a number of Cameos and had only purchased this one recently from someone who said the previous owner had died without completing a restoration. The truck appeared original enough to him, except for a wrong seat re-cover [ interior pix ] and one wrong re-paint. It ran quite well, so he bought it. Then I bought it from him.

           hat's where the history trail ends -- for now.

           Finally, three plus weeks later -- she arrived. [ Unloading at the house ] It was as it was advertised -- needs some work -- but a good example of this rare breed.

           The hubcaps fell off on my first ride. They still won't stay on -- even with new wheels. I've already lost one. What's that about?? Don't have a clue. With some help and other's experience, I will find out.

           It's been two months now and after some high priced tune-up and rear end work, I've started working on everything else that doesn't work, or doesn't work right. Heck, the original radio plays great!

           The engine is '56. The OD tranny is '56. It really does seem original. Plus it's fun to drive and it looks decent. What more can you ask --- from any old truck?

           Love this site -- so many helpful and good-hearted people.


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