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1952 GMC 3/4-Ton

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25 October 2005

From Mike:

        I am submitting a few pictures of a 1952 GMC 3/4-ton I acquired last month. I also picked up a 1949 GMC 3/4-ton for the price the old farmer would have gotten for scrap. The '49 is mostly a donor truck but I will salvage as much of it as I can.

        I have been looking for a truck to fix up for a while, but decided to put that off until my wife's car (a '65 Mustang) was "finished." I was at a car show with her in September and there was a swap meet at the show. She was wandering through the swap meet and found this old farmer with some "parts" he was selling. He had a picture of the '52 on a piece of cardboard and the asking price written above it. I feel like I robbed the old farmer but we were both pleased with the results.

        He parked the truck in 1972 when he got his new pickup. He said when he parked, it it was running and he just poured motor oil down the carb until it died. It has set in the same spot since. The pictures show the truck on the trailer and the other is about an hour after we got it home and had it running.

        Since then, I have rebuilt the brake system. The old shoes were just about new. I boiled out the gas tank and all of the steel gas lines. I haven't rebuilt the carb yet or tuned it up but it sure does run nice just like it is. In fact I actually drove it out of the shop last Monday night.

        Still need to do a lot of front-end work before I take it out on the road, but am getting anxious.

        The farmer I bought the truck from was the original owner. He remembers driving it home brand new from the dealer. He was tearing up when I was trying to buy it from him -- made it tough to take it off his hands.

        I haven't decided if I want to restore or "alter" it a bit but am leaning to the restore side of the picture, especially since I found this site and know I can get help and advice when I need it. I am sure glad I found this site! The Bolters on this site have been very helpful. I have been taking more pictures as I work on the truck. I will update as I go along.

Thanks for being there.

Mike Kreiter
Bolter #8961
Emmett, Idaho

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