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Daniel Kravanis'

1950 Chevrolet 3100

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4 December 2005

          I just wanted to send along an update. My 1950 1/2-ton has found a new home. I was hoping you could update the picture / entry to reflect the same. It was a bitter sweet parting. I mourned for a few days but am now looking forward to working on the '51 Suburban. I will try to send some updates as the Suburban progresses. Hopefully that will be sooner than later.


Daniel Kravanis
Ohio, near Cleveland

14 October 2004

From Daniel:

          This is my 1950 Chevrolet 3100. I bought it as a basically stock driver about three years ago. I drove it for about a year and then decided to modify it to its present state.

          It now has a 307/350 combo, an aftermarket Mustang II front suspension, a 67' Chevy 12-bolt rear with 3:42 gears. The rear sits on custom made steel lowering blocks to bring the stance in line with the front. It is coated with black epoxy primer and the flames were shot with white, silver, and cobalt blue.Inside I am installing a new set of white-face quad gauges.

          I love driving my truck and my kids love going for "truck" rides. I have recently purchased a '51 Chevy Suburban to carry the whole family and unfortunately, I will have to part with my pickup to build-up the next project.

Daniel Kravanis
Ohio, near Cleveland

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