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Cool Old Truck

Kurt Koteskey's

1971 "Hillbilly Chevy"

01 April 01

From Kurt

     Hello. This is a picture of my 1971 Chevy c/20 pickup. It was a camper special, and has a 4-bolt main 350, 4.10 gears, and a "three on the tree". Mostly it is just used for hauling wood around the farm, but last July it was privileged to be in the Horton Bay Parade. I got some of my friends and family together, and decorated it the morning of the parade. You can see the antlers, hides, pails, and old farm tools hanging off the truck. For the parade we also did a skit with cap-guns and water pistols (I have a pic of my friends too)

     We got a lot of comments, but didn't win the contest, but maybe this would be good material for somewhere on your sight?

     I dig old Chevy trucks, and your sight has some of the coolest!!!



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